Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Jellybean's Update Week 13

Jellybean is 13 weeks today which means we are successfully into our 2nd trimester.  Lets hope it continues the way its started.  I am feeling pretty great this week. No nausea unless I eat something that has become a food aversion!  It was kind of hard to tell in the first trimester exactly which foods I couldn't eat since I felt
nauseous pretty much every minute of everyday. For a while I thought oranges were a no no then I realized it was just a bad day not the oranges. Its a good thing I have plenty of peppermints left over to help take the nauseous feeling away when I do run into some food that is now a no no!

Snickerdoodle (Taj) is sick this week (from the junk daddy brought home) and I am hoping this is something I've already had.  The first few weeks of being pregnant we had all gotten sick several times but there was one round that came through that daddy and Snickerdoodle didn't get sick. Being pregnant and sick is the worst since I have to just suffer through it with no meds. 

Symptoms:  Sheer exhaustion feeling is gone I am feeling pretty good.  I have much more energy but breathing is slightly more difficult.  I'm out of breath just doing household chores or carrying Snickerdoodle from one room to the next. 

Jellybeans Development: Jellybean's vocal chords and teeth are appearing this week.  Its no wonder they are so good at crying by the time they are born they've had 27 weeks or so of practice time :). 

Looking Forward To: Moving! We are sitting in limbo waiting for the new house to be ready so we can get moved in.  Hopefully by the end of January we will be moved.  What I'm really looking forward to is getting the majority of everything left packed up so there won't be much to do at the end. 

Mission Accomplished:  I am still going strong with the prenatal vitamins so I'm giving myself a little pat on the back there! 

Thanks for checking in on Jellybean and I and I look forward to seeing you for Week 14! :)

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