Saturday, January 5, 2013

30 Things I Want My Kids To Know About Me - No.2

What is your sillies fear and your biggest fear?

My sillies fear is my fear of roaches!!! I know they can't hurt me and they don't even bite. Here in Texas you'll see ones that can
fly which really freak me out.  If I see a roach I will find the highest place and stay there until its been killed.  I have tried to be brave and reason with myself but I just can't seem to deal with them rationally!

My biggest fear is of something happening to my husband or myself (or heaven forbid both of us) before my kids are grown. No one could ever love them the way we do and no one could love them as much as we do. I want the very best for them and I feel that the only ones who can give them the life they deserve is their father and I.

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